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The SRRV is dubbed as the most “cost-beneficial” retirement visa scheme in Southeast Asia. It allows foreign retirees to travel to and from the Philippines anytime and gives them the option to retire permanently in the country with the privilege to “reside, work, and study”.


If you still have some hesitations whether to opt in or not into the SRRV Program, here are the fascinating benefits and privileges that only SRRV holders or retiree-members can enjoy that may ultimately help you to finally plunge into the program.

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Here are the SRRV Benefits


1. Superb Status

Retirement Philippines SRRV

An SRRV holder is entitled to a special permanent non-immigrant status with multiple entry privileges. Retiree-members may stay in the Philippines for as long as they want and they may come in and go out of the Philippines anytime they desire.


3. Ease of Travel 

Travel to the Philippines SRRV

A retiree-member under the SRRV program has the ease of going in or out of the Philippines as he is exempted from exit clearance and re-entry permit.

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3. Worth To Import

 Philippines Retirement

Exemption from customs duties and taxes for one-time importation of personal effects and household goods of retiree-members worth US$7,000.00 which should not be of commercial quantity and must be availed of within 90 days upon issuance of the SRRV.

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